Ten Days of Struggle in Skouries 19-28 of July 2019

Skouries 2019 “An open wound” 

In North Halkidiki the state oppression and El Dorado’s
arbitrariness continue to be present and penetrate the
everyday life.
On the one hand the blind and deaf Greek justice
consents to kangaroo courts and farcical trials
delivering unjustified convictions and on the other
hand Eldorado’s infrastructural growth in Skouries
remains concealed and progresses illegally and

Despite of the problems that occur from the
established mining-friendly positions of the
international partners and the Greek parliament
towards the medals and the hydrocarbons, the
corporate aggressiveness, and the widespread feeling
of failure amongst grass roots movements, we remain a
strong voice which insists that our society should not
accept and normalize the daily destruction of the land
and the environment by any company. The society
should not get used to the idea of assignment nor be
‘on hold’ indefinitely and certainly not lose hope that
something can be done about it.
Going against the grain, we continue to believe that
societies are those that will fatally define what comes next.

 Our answer to the imposed political “dead-
ends”, the pre-election commitments and promises and
their post-election breach is protesting and counter-
proposing. This is how we can find our ways out of it
and the only way through which to articulate true
conscience and responsibility of what is happening
around us.

Mines were always an open wound and remain to be as
such, a battlefield and a struggle over rights, land and

Struggle Committee of M.Panagia

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